Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Every Title Tells a Story

Sometimes it is fun to respond to a title before reading the article proper. The title of Ben Shapiro's latest article is "Why We Treat Obama Like a Dog."


I don't believe in calling every conservative racist, and I am not sure Shapiro is racist - I tend to think he isn't. But a statement like that - did it even occur to him how that would read? I mean there's being a racist and just being stupidly insensitive, and I am pretty sure this article title falls into the later camp.

As for the article itself let's take a peek.
If Obama were a dog, he'd be a bad dog. The kind of dog that routinely drinks from the toilet, and simply will not be taught that drinking from the toilet is bad manners (think Obama on health care). The kind of dog that barks at all hours of the night, just for attention (think Obama's pathetic need for constant adulation). The kind of dog that runs from intruders when danger's in the air (think Obama on Iraq, Iran, Russia, North Korea, China -- hell, just think about Obama's position on any country that isn't an American ally).
In fairness Shapiro is using the dog metaphor because the President complained that his enemies see him as a dog. That said, it's a bit uncomfortable to read him talking that way about the President.

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