Thursday, September 09, 2010

This will be our year

Well maybe not. According to Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, we are pretty well screwed.
The magnitude of the catastrophe facing the Democratic Party in the fall elections is only gradually becoming clear to the leaders of both parties. The Democrats will lose both the Senate and the House. They will lose more House seats in 2010 than the 54 they lost in 1994, and they will lose the Senate, possibly with some seats to spare.
Pretty much all the articles over at Townhall follow a similar theme this week - I guess it's the post labor day period - time to pay attention to the election. And the goal of articles right now is to both convince your voter to fight like hell for victory and to discourage the opposing party to pack it in because they have already lost. So it's hard to put too much stock in these articles.

But it's still depressing to read article after article about how your side is going to lose. So I suppose it's better to be enthusiastic about how foolish these two will look in November.

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