Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Planet is Michael Medved writing from?

Michael Medved writes a pitying article about how hard it is to be a Republican believer, but his observations don't line up with reality.
Imagine that George W. Bush told a public forum that he had “felt the enveloping support and love of God” since childhood, and that on “many, many occasions” he “felt like the Holy Spirit was there with me.”

It’s not hard to imagine the derisive tabloid headlines: “Bush: God Is With Me” or “Prez Sees Spirits” or “W. Talks About His Imaginary Friend.” Howard Dean might comment: “It sounds like Bush is once again saying that he talks to God, so we better watch out. The last time that happened, he took us to a war based on false intelligence.”
First of all Bush talks about his faith all the time, and usually without comment. He's a lame duck President with a failed Presidency; unless God tells him to invade Iran, who cares what he believes?

Secondly Bush's presidency is a good example of why we should be concerned about the religiousity of our Presidents. The existence of a religious feeling, such as Hillary Clinton expressed, isn't the problem. The problem comes when, in Bush's case, it becomes a metaphysical get out of jail free card, an excuse and exoneration of any dumb and evil thing that Bush wants to do. McCain, while a very bad choice for President, at least doesn't suffer from this particular malady.

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