Friday, April 04, 2008

Chucking Eggs at Exclusionary Republicans

OK so I have a new hobby - chucking eggs at Republicans. Not the verbal eggs I've been chucking at them for a few years now. No I'm talking about the straight from a chicken eggs. Little white pearls of culinary versatility.

My only problem was that I don't know who is a Republican Party member by sight. Nope. But I have a great solution to this problem; I'll just go to the local Republican Party meetings - sure to be plenty of Republicans there. I called up the local Republican Party Chairperson and asked if I could attend and chuck eggs in the middle of the meeting.

He refused to tell me when and where it was.

Can you believe it? Those Republicans are exclusionary. They want to exclude people who are going to throw eggs at them. This is like Selma Alabama all over again.

I'll tell you something else - it's Stalinist! Stalin wouldn't let anybody throw eggs at him. He wouldn't let any disrupt his meetings. The Republicans are just like Stalin.

One other things, I'm sure I will see the support of Rush Limbaugh for my attending Republican Meetings and chucking eggs at them. Look at these remarks on his "Operation Chaos."
Lake County Elections Supervisor Michelle Fajman said challenges to voters can be made by party officials armed with voting records for the past 10 years. The challenge process would work like this: Voters must declare their party affiliation in spring primary elections. Local party officials watching the polling locations then could check the names of voters against a list of all registered voters that shows past party declarations. Fajman said any voter whose party affiliation is challenged can either decline to vote for the party in question or sign an affidavit, swearing under oath that they voted in the last election for a majority of the regular nominees of the party."

This is incredible! This is Stalinist! Party officials at the polling place trying to read your mind and determine your intent by comparing your votes and your registration for the past number of years? "She said a grand jury could investigate anyone who signed a false affidavit, but challenges are rare. Fajman said she hasn't received any indication of state or local Democrats mounting a serious voter challenge at present." So there you have it. The Democrat Party. I don't know if they all wear brown shirts in the Democrat Party in Indiana or not.
Yep. You see Rush wants to disrupt the Demcoratic Primary Process; that is his stated aim. Screw up the Democrats. And he's aflame with rage that the party seems inclined to resist his disruptive plans. So naturally he would be equally angry at my local Republican Party Chairperson's exclusionary tactics to keep me from chucking eggs at Republicans.

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