Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well Hillary Clinton won in Pennsylvania. Obama couldn't "close the deal" as the media are putting it. I have to admit I find it kind of frustrating. Part of it is that I support Obama over Clinton. Part of it is the role personality or character seems to have played in this race. I'm not an expert; I can't dissect exactly why Obama lost. But I suspect it has something to do with this kind of thinking, exhibited in Hugh Hewitt's latest article.
The Ayers-Dohrn rhetoric of late last year was rotten. Some of the Jeremiah Wright sermon excerpts have been rotten. Dohrn referred to America as a “monster” last year. Ayes accuses the country as it exists today of a litany of terrible sins. Pastor Wright said G-D America.

Barack Obama seems like a very nice guy with a good heart and a wonderful family. He is obviously bright and extremely well spoken. He's a down-the-line leftist with the most left-leaning voting record in the Senate from 2005-2006.
Obama has some friends that the Hugh Hewitts and the other conservative leaning people of this nation don't like (and in Ayers case it's just a person he met with). That's not going to change. And if Hillary is the candidate, well, we'll be hearing about Vince Foster, shredded Law Records, and Whitwater. And if we'd of put up Edwards we'd be hearing about Channeling Dead people in court, expensive haircuts, and how rotten trial lawyers are.

We can put up anybody we want; no liberal or Democrat will ever win when the election is about "Character." Which puts McCain, basically promising to continue the unpopular Bush Policies, in the White House.

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