Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Revolutionary Fears

More on that Rios article mention above - I find it amusing that one of the posters agrees with her attack on revolutionaries by, well, calling for a revolution.
In some out-of-the-way small town in the so called "flyover" portion of the country, Federal agents will attempt to implement the new gun control laws. The person, or persons, they pick will probably be members of some right wing gun club or "militia" group. The person, or persons, will decide to fight it out. Word will spread (via cell phones and the internet) quickly.

While the fight is on-going, citizens from the surrounding area will head to this small town. Some of the local police and sheriff's deputies will resign and join in with the citizens. The Federal agents will be vastly out-numbered. A "running" battle will take place as these Federal agents try to retreat. There will be deaths on both sides.

. . . Once the fighting starts, everyone will start picking sides; and the fighting will continue.

If all of this sounds familiar, you are correct. It happened in 1775. I am afraid it is about to happen again.
Yep. Those dam hippies want to kill us so we gots to kill them - sort of. I also find it amusing that he's "afraid" that we will have another 1775 style revolution. I can't speak for conservatives, but I am proud of the American Revolution, and the sacrifices our ancestors made so that we can be free.

Oh and here's the standard disclaimer - this is just one nutcase conservative and is in no way indicative of the right wing movement. No matter how many people post or repeat these types of contacts they are of no significance to the conservative movement as a whole.

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