Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Questions for Michael Medved

1. Do you like a nice salad?

2. If your answer is yes, are you aware that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian? How do you feel sharing a preference for salad with one of the most evil men in history?

3. If no, are you aware that Atilla the Hun never ate one salad (as far as I know)? How do feel sharing a disdain for salad with one of the most evil men in history?

This is inspired by Michael Medved's latest article, in which he takes Obama to task for failing to burn Jeremiah Wright at the stake.
5. In the teaching of Reverend Wright and his adult education classes, as well as the Sunday school of his church, there’s a major emphasis on the Black identity of Jesus Christ. The stained glass windows at the church identify Jesus with the dark skin tone of sub-Saharan Africa. To your church, the racial identity of Jesus matters a great deal. Does it matter to you? Do you personally believe that Jesus was black?

6. If you don’t think he was black, have you done anything to correct the misimpression your little girls would have received in church?

7. If you think it’s true that Jesus was black, then you obviously believe that most Jews of First Century Judea also looked like today’s Africans. If that’s true, do you agree with Minister Farrakhan that Twenty-First Century Jews and Israelis are imposters and interlopers with no ancestral connection to the Holy Land, and that black Africans represent the true Israelites and Chosen People? Do you believe that your many Jewish supporters would feel comfortable with this religious vision?
Nice. I particularly like the bit about explaining to his daughters that Jesus really was nothing like them at all. "You see little girls, Jesus was really as white as the driven snow, the way most white Christian Churches portray him. So don't be thinking that you might have something in common with the savior of all mankind."

I'd like to believe that most people are smart enough to see through these particular questions, but I guess they probably aren't.

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