Monday, March 03, 2008


Nina May's latest article is pretty clumsy all told. She wants to take on the recent flap between McCain and talk show host Bill Cunningham. Essentially she comes down on Cunningham's side. There shouldn't be anything wrong with Obama's middle name, but there probably is.
In a post 911 world, America cannot afford to have a president whose name is forbidden to be spoken for fear of reprisal from those who are reminded of his early religious training. And it cannot have a president who is reluctant to utter the name of a fellow candidate because he doesn’t want to appear to be drawing a negative connection between that man and a mad dictator who put people feet first through plastic shredders and gassed thousands of others. And by every rational standard of judgment, Hillary is absolutely not a viable option in any scenario.
So there it is; I guess we are going to have to do without a President. I particularly like the touch that May doesn't even feel the need to come up with a reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton; it's just taken as read that she is unacceptable. I am not supporting Hillary Clinton in the Primary, but she's clearly a capable person.

Still Conservative hatred for the Clintons is pretty eternal.

Let's also point out the rather predictable bigotry in the suggestion that we can't vote for Obama because Terrorists might want to kill him. Huh? You think the Terrorists wouldn't want to kill Bush if they could get away with it? But it's different with Obama because he has some loosely defined connection to Islam.

At any rate, May has a solution to this problem of no presidential candidate being worthy of the office.
Overnight, millions of people could decide they have nothing to lose by writing in an agreed upon candidate. There would be no fundraisers, no TV ads, no advisors or political hacks salivating at the idea of earning big bucks to run a campaign. And it would give all those millions of people who basically had no voice in the selection of the candidate in the primary, since that decision was made by a handful of states, by crossover voters who analyzed the mathematical probabilities, the low turnouts, and the numbers needed to get the opposition candidate elected.
Actually the Democratic Primaries had pretty good tourn out, but I suppose Democrats don't count. At any rate Stupid Enough Unexplanation heartily endorses Republicans voting for a write in candidate. And if you are thinking of voting for McCain, can I encourage you to follow May's advice and consider a third party candidate?

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