Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mitt Romney for Vice President?

This seems like a longshot, but at least one Conservative Commentator is suggesting it. Namely Michael Medved, in his latest article.
I’m not yet ready to endorse Mitt Romney as the ultimate choice for second spot on the ticket, but it’s increasingly obvious that he deserves the most serious consideration. For one thing, his experience in all those annoying Republican debates (in which Romney’s performance steadily, inexorably improved) gives him a huge advantage over any Democrat in the single, fateful Vice Presidential debate scheduled for this fall.

With the Democrats increasingly unlikely to field either a Clinton-Obama combo (he won’t take it) or an Obama-Clinton team (he won’t offer it), a McCain-Romney partnership would highlight the relative unity in GOP ranks.

In that context, Mac-and-Mitt sounds more and more like it could be a winning ticket for the party and the country.
I don't know about relative unity; certainly lots of Republicans don't like McCain, and they don't like him on ideological grounds. The differences between Obama and Clinton, while real, aren't nearly as ideological; rather on the issues they are pretty similar.

I also don't think this is very likely. McCain is going to need a staunch conservative, but he's going to want a staunch tame conservative, someone who will follow his orders. And he's got to be concerned about putting someone in the vice presidency who will run against him from the office - he's old now, and he'll be older in 2012 if, heaven forfend, he makes it to the oval office.

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