Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nothing Secedes like Secession

Well it's not a call for a Second Civil War, but Douglas MacKinnon's latest article is gleefully insane.
As people called or emailed, I was asked what I thought about secession. My immediate response was, I believe in it.

. . . In short, I believe we need to secede from any and all who say that conservative principles and an adherence to traditional values no longer matter.

If we compromise and accept the continual blurring of party lines and the left’s definition of our future, then not only have we lost our way, but we have lost our country.

Secede from the madness. Vote and advance principle.
So maybe he's using secede in a non-traditional way? Cause what secede usually means is that a state (or area) leaves the union to form it's own country. Or maybe he's encouraging his readers to vote for secession? It's unclear. But he has written (as he points out) a fictional future for the United States in which Wyoming and Montana secede from the union. So I think he's pretty o.k. with the traditional meaning of the word as well.

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