Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Beats - David Holmes - "Come Get It I Got It"

In 15 Years, the High School and college students who are experimenting with LSD will be running many of our institutions and guiding public policy. Remember, the college students who are using LSD and Marijuana today do not comprise a criminal class. They are not drug addicts trying to escape. They are your best educated, your most creative and your most courageous young people. And, like it or not, they are going to build you a new civilization.
This is a mix album, so David Holmes didn't write or perform all the tracks on this one. He was setting up his new band, the Free Association, and so showcased their work on a lot of tracks; largely instrumental works with sampled lines or dialog. The whole mix feels like a trip back to the dirty sixties and the funky seventies. The spirit of the age of Aquarius sticks through these tracks, even as they portray the national degradation rites of the 1970s. They are dirty and glorious at the same time. Stand out tracks include "Sugarman" by Sixto Rodriguez, "Tom Cat" by Muddy Waters, "Sweet Songs" by the Jujus, and "Ode a L'Affaire" by Andre Perry.

What makes this mix strong in my mind is the variety within consistency. The songs span the range of tempos and moods, but they all seem to come from the same time and place.

Anyway here's a fan created video to "Sugarman" by Sixto Rodriguez.

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