Monday, March 10, 2008

Great Advice for Republicans

This brilliant advice comes from Paul Jacob's latest article, which spend much of it's time pretending Al Gore has a chance of getting the nomination in the service of a series of lame jokes. But then it ends with this wise and sage council.
The sad note is, with John McCain as the Republican alternative, we will all surely lose anyway. There’s nothing that can be done, now. Go home. Tend to your gardens . . . and your state and local governments. Prepare for the next time. Because this election offers lovers of liberty scant hope.
That's right. Republicans should take up gardening and ignore the presidential race. I am in wholehearted support of Jacob here.

But real lovers of liberty, i.e. Democrats, should vote for one of our two, count them, two great candidates.

Final note; I used "real lovers of liberty" in the sentence above as a satirical comment on Jacob's terminology, not to imply that Conservatives don't actually love liberty. Many Conservatives actually do love liberty, but, as it turns out, mostly their own.

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