Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Most People Think Like Me; I'm sure of it

This is one of those rare occasions when I find myself agreeing with a Townhall article. Michael Medved, no less. But his latest article notes that all of the recent presidential elections have been pretty tight when it comes to the popular vote. Medved draws the obvious conclusions.
For decades, right-leaning activists have cherished the notion of a "silent majority," a long-suffering mass of quiet but committed traditionalists who wait only for a "true conservative" Prince Charming to awaken the sleeping giant with a kiss. Some true believers maintain stubborn faith in this much-loved legend of a right-wing consensus ready for arousal by a leader whose voice speaks forcefully enough — a phantom majority that never instantly materialized for Reagan himself let alone Reagan-wannabes such as Pat Buchanan or Mitt Romney.

On the left, ideologues and activists nurture a mirror-image faith in the "idealism" and "radicalism" of the American people, if only the right messianic figure managed to mobilize our long-buried lust for change.
He's not wrong. I suspect the truth is that most people just don't care that much.

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