Monday, August 08, 2005

This May Be the Most Important Post You'll Read Today

Maybe. Hard to say really.

I'm linking to
a post at the Huffington Report by Fred Stembottom. Mr. Stembottom describes a serious problem with the modern Democratic Party. Namely, the Democratic Party doesn't really have any real connection with the American Working Class.
Millions of white, male blue-collar workers go around in right-wing talk radio induced ignorance. Each and every one of them thinks that the problems they have with their employer is unique, puzzling and sure to get better after a change of management ...or something.

What I do: I simply point up how these "puzzling anomalies" are actually well-known and ancient un-fair labor practices. With NAMES!

Speed-ups. Wage stagnation policies. Two-tiered wage systems. Worker isolation. These are some of the names of the classic Unfair Labor Practices that my friends experience everyday. But they don't even know that there are such things as Unfair Labor Practices!

Watch 'em go off like rockets when you give them a NAME for what they suffer everyday -- just a name for Christ's sake. They go ballistic and are ready for anything.
This is a very important idea for Democratic Party organizers to understand and to get behind. Or it could be.

If people, you know, put it into practice.

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