Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pay No Attention to the County we Invaded behind the Curtain

David Limbaugh's latest friendly offer of help to the beleaguered Democratic Party is to suggest that we stop paying so much attention to Iraq.
But again, the profound irony is that while they see Iraq as Bush's quagmire, it has become their own. Just as their self-made myths about Republicans stealing the election in 2000 drove them to a Norman Bates-esque frenzy, their delusional "Bush-lied" ravings have driven them to a blinding monomania.

If you doubt their collective neurosis, do a Nexis search and you'll discover their ingenuity at tying every issue -- John Bolton, Social Security, Wilson/Plame, Judge Roberts -- to Iraq. To them, almost everything the administration does is either to compensate for or divert attention from Iraq.
Crazy huh? Thinking that the Joe Wilson / Valerie Plame issue has something to do with Iraq. What are Democrats thinking?

I mean, Joe Wilson got the Bush Administration mad about him because he dared to suggest that their case on Iraq was just a little suspicious (admittedly, Wilson has a bit of baggage of his own).

At any rate, John Bolton was also a member of the Bush Administration foreign policy section while the Invasion of Iraq was planned and executed, so maybe he has a connection as well.

As for the other two, Limbaugh pretends that all sorts of Democrats are saying that President Bush is using Social Security or Judge Roberts to distract away from Iraq, but he only presents one example. And anyway everybody knows that the nomination of Judge Roberts is to distract away from the Wilson/Plame issue, not Iraq!

One final note, Limbaugh writes, apparently sincerely, that President Bush's recess appointment of Bolton is a sign of his strength, not a sign of weakness. Not sure what planet Limbaugh is observing the current political landscape from, but President Bush, with a Republican Congress, could not get Bolton confirmed in the normal matter, so had to use a backdoor maneuver to get him in office. I don't know how that reflects his strength.

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