Monday, August 15, 2005

It all balances out

As it turns out there's no need to worry about the vast numbers of people who are barely hanging on in our economic system. Their kids are doing better on tests, and they are belonging to more voluntary associations.

This cheerful news comes to us via Michael Barone's latest article, in which he references a number of recent articles which suggest that Social Classes may be becoming more hardened. Mr. Barone, suprisingly, does not dispute the core premise of this article. Instead he, more or less, argues that there's nothing wrong with this. Which is, I have to admit, a refreshingly honest approach.
Meritocracy may mean less mobility, but that is bearable if, as Brooks says, "America is becoming more virtuous."
It is comforting to know that Mr. Barone and Mr. Brooks, both wealthy columnists are willing to bear a certain lack of mobility. And, I could be wrong, but isn't there something a little bit patronizing saying it's ok to have lots of people struggling to get by if we can get them to be more virtuous?

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