Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I hate my Generation!!!

I offer no apologies.

I am a bit down today, and a bit pissed off. I was driving around at lunch listening to Rush Limbaugh (as is my wont) and he was going off on how this tragedy in New Orleans is largely the Environmentalists and Leftists fault. If environmentalism Whackos (his term, not mine) hadn't prevented New Orleans from building better leevees, New Orleans would be safe (or something like that).

Of course, in part, he was responding to leftists, like posters at Democratic Underground, who spent all yesterday castigating President Bush for not immediately returning to Washington DC to head up relief efforts. Many Democratic Undergrounders also seem to be of the opinion that we need to abandon New Orleans, and that the ensuing catastrophe will mean the end of the American Economy and/or American Imperialism.

Meanwhile hundreds have died and the toll will probably go into the thousands as hunger and disease take their toll.

A tragedy on this scale, well, it's just another reason to bash our political enemies.

And, if I'm honest, exactly the same passions I'm bemoaning in others are in me as well. I want to use this tragedy as a club to hurt those I disagree with politically. If I am going to hate Rush Limbaugh and a few at Democratic Underground (which, under normal circumstances is a wonderful discussion board) I have to hate myself as well.

At any rate it's very depressing.

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