Monday, August 08, 2005

A Return to Racism

In the past, before the Civil Rights Movement, brown people posed very little threat to America. Brown people, particularly blacks, but also Hispanics, native Americans, Asians and so on, had a very specific place in society, and they were not allowed out of that place. America was run for the benefit of the White Middle Class and White Upper Class.

Under such a situation, the Islamic Terrorists would be no threat to us. They would not be permitted access to our airplanes or to other facilities from which they could launch attacks against the American People.

Unfortunately we gave black and brown people civil rights, and then, in an act of even greater foolishness, we started a fad called Multiculturalism. Multiculturism is the ludicrous belief that other cultures are, on some level, the equivalent of White Middle Class America. Michael Barone comments on this disgusting phenomena in his
latest article.
Multiculturalism is based on the lie that all cultures are morally equal. In practice, that soon degenerates to: All cultures are morally equal, except ours, which is worse. But all cultures are not equal in respecting representative government, guaranteed liberties and the rule of law. And those things arose not simultaneously and in all cultures, but in certain specific times and places -- mostly in Britain and America, but also in various parts of Europe.

In America, as in Britain, multiculturalism has become the fashion in large swathes of our society. So the Founding Fathers are presented only as slaveholders, World War II is limited to the internment of Japanese-Americans and the bombing of Hiroshima. Slavery is identified with America, though it has existed in every society and the antislavery movement arose first among English-speaking evangelical Christians.

But most Americans know there is something special about our cultural heritage.

The only weakness in Mr. Barones prose is that he fails to specify that he is talking about White America; but I'm pretty sure that anybody reading that would recognize that. So what we need is a return to a society that teaches White America as superior to all other cultures, as an important first step.

Of course I'm being sarcastic and cynical here; it's possible that Mr. Barone, like others attacking the dreaded Multiculturalism, hasn't got a racist bone in his body.

But I doubt it.

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