Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Good News for White Males

It's hard being a white male these days. I should know because I am, in fact, a white male. Well, now there's relief, in the form of an easy to read 7,500 word article with over 70 footnotes. Something with that many footnotes has to be good. Check out this fascinating selection.
Since we live in an age when students are likely to hear more about Marie Curie than about Albert Einstein, it is worth beginning with a statement of historical fact: women have played a proportionally tiny part in the history of the arts and sciences.4 Even in the 20th century, women got only 2 percent of the Nobel Prizes in the sciences—a proportion constant for both halves of the century—and 10 percent of the prizes in literature. The Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics, has been given to 44 people since it originated in 1936. All have been men.

The historical reality of male dominance of the greatest achievements in science and the arts is not open to argument.
See I'll bet you didn't know that most of the scientists and artists you studied in history were males. Is that due to women not being allowed to participate in such works before 1900 (and not all that much since then)? Nope. Apparently, according to Charles Murry (the author of this wonderful article (wonderful for us White Males of course, not for the rest of you)), women's brains are smaller. Mr. Murrey also talks about how we White Males compare to other races (basically Blacks), and, surprise surprise, we come out ahead there too.

So why is it so important to recognize the supremecy of the White Male?
Elites throughout the West are living a lie, basing the futures of their societies on the assumption that all groups of people are equal in all respects. Lie is a strong word, but justified. It is a lie because so many elite politicians who profess to believe it in public do not believe it in private. It is a lie because so many elite scholars choose to ignore what is already known and choose not to inquire into what they suspect. We enable ourselves to continue to live the lie by establishing a taboo against discussion of group differences.
The big problem is that brave scholars like Charles Murrey are not given huge research grants and allowed to appear on talk shows constantly to explain the dominence of the white male. See if we didn't have political correctness all the women and non-whites would naturally rise to their appropriate place, and we white males would run everything as genetics intended!

So to sum up, all hail the White Male! That rhymes, and you know it rhymes!

Note: if some of you do not recognize B.S. when you see it, you should maybe start here. Enjoy!

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