Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tea-Partiers will save us all

Or such seems to be the theme of Limbaugh's latest article. Essentially there is a bit of interparty squabbling over the GOP claiming they were going to cut $100 billion from the budget and then making net cuts of only $35 billion. Some of the new Tea Party legislators are not happy about this and are raising hell.
This is a welcome turn of events. Infighting over greater cuts can only be regarded as positive and a reflection of the influence of the tea party and the conservative congressmen it helped elect.

This episode, which is far from over, illustrates that all congressmen are subject to strict vigilance.
Well we can only hope so. I think that once we start talking about cuts to specific programs, some of the nastiness that animates the Tea Party candidates will also be revealed.

Kind of like this poster.
News Flash to Libs: You are the only one's who care about the Bush years. We are Christian Conservatives who believe in the original intent of the Constitution to limit the powers of the Federal Government. Not the same old corrupt politicans and judiciary. Do you even have the slightest clue as to the intent of Islam and Sharia, the Chinese and our economy, the Communist organizations like Lulac, LaRaza and our Southern border in Chaos. We are broke and that makes us weak. Obama and company have us in the throngs of a Third World Country by printing Tillions of Dollars to prop up Unions and Wall Street. Very soon you are really going to have something to complain about and nowhere to get it. Islam doe not like Liberals. They are viewed as weak, corrupt and godless. They don't like Bush the Clintons, Carter, Regan or Obama. The same goes for the Chinese as they insulted Obama to the delight of their fellow countrymen. More ego than brains.

Wheter you like me or not the real enemy may soon be at your doorstep but hunger will be there first. Then you will surely know that Jesus Christ is Lord. Our time is temporary. How you spend it is your choice.
We will have to see how this all shakes out.

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