Friday, February 04, 2011

Mona Charen and Jimmy Carter Disagree on the Israeli/Palestine Conflict

This apparently means that Jimmy Carter is a liar, but, helpfully, he shouldn't be sued. Her latest article covers the news that Carter amd his publisher is being sued by six people in New York for "deceptive acts in the conduct of business, trade, or commerce." She seems to think that Carter deserves this, but that they shouldn't do it.
There's more. Carter's distaste not just for Israel but also for Jews is reflected in some of his anecdotes, as is his inexplicable attraction to autocrats and thugs in positions of power.

But a lawsuit is not the way to deal with this. The First Amendment trumps all. The courts cannot police books for accuracy -- not in America.
She gives a long list of "lies," most of which are disputed. But, I guess if you are writing an article, you get to declare your side the winner, and the opposing side liars.

Still I have to give Charen credit for deciding to simply disagree with Carter and call him a liar. Some of her readers go a bit further.
Generally taritors and acts of sedition meet a rope and a railroad trestle. SoSic semper tyrannis.And Carter.
So things could be worse.


Bird of Paradise said...

Carter still is a total idiot and still as stupid as he always has been

Kullervo said...

What a substantive, well-thought-out comment, Bird of Paradise. You have changed my opinion on the topic!