Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interesting History

Larry Elder's latest article is about Ronald Reagan's record on race. Essentially, Reagan was great for black people. I particularly like the bit where Elder, a black man, talks about the Southern Strategy.
Then came the modern civil rights movement, followed by the civil rights acts of the '60s. Southern whites knew their world had forever changed. Racism -- legally, politically and morally -- was in full retreat. With segregation as a dying issue, Southerners turned their attention to other matter: low taxes, smaller government and support for the Vietnam War and a strong national defense. The Republican Party fit their political views and cultural values more than did the Democratic Party. How could the GOP serve as a refuge for bigots when the party's House and Senate members voted for the civil rights acts, by percentage, more than did their Democratic counterparts?
Just sad. I know that Republicans have to pretend; even at thte time they pretended that what was clearly happening wasn't happening. But come on. Southern Conservatives were in the Democratic party and fought civil rights as long as they could. Once it became clear that the Democratic Party wasn't going to continue supporting segregation, they migrated to the Republican party, which, under Nixon, made it clear that they would be welcome, and that they shared many of the same concerns. Rather than attacking black people, Republicans would attack poor people, and trust southern Conservatives to pick up on the cues. Which they did.

But let's look at some Townhall Comments.
The constant hammering on race - race - race has polarized the country when simple common sense should be uniting it. Why this polarization? For one simple reason: to speed up the demise of our once proud, strong, solvent nation and the conversion of it into a disgusting Shariah Ruled province of the World Caliphate or just another third rate socialist banana republic.

Let's get serious about the charge of 'racism.' It only applies if uttered against Whites. It is, therefore, an anti-White credo. People who chant it publicly are, at bottom, jealous of the achievements of the White race, who, afterall, built this civilization, maintain it, and move it forward... even in the arena of civil rights.
So that's pretty clear isn't it? White people are just sort of better and the rest of us should get out of their way?

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