Monday, February 07, 2011

Doug Giles on Egypt

Well Liberals are girly and niave. But that goes without saying in a Doug Giles article. Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood is bad news and Giles says that tehy are going to take over in Egypt if we don't support the current dictator.
I’m sure many who are stuck in Egypt want true freedom. And when I say freedom, I mean from all forms of oppression, including the worst form of subjugation: Sharia law. However, I fear those who really want freedom from Mubarak’s dictatorship are going to quickly become slaves of Sharia, via the Muslim Brotherhood, whether they like it or not. Call me judgmental, but I smell Sharia all over this thing, and I believe life is really going to begin to suck for secular Egyptians, Israel, America and the rest of the world that wants nothing to do with Islamic enslavement.
What's interesting is his potshots aside, I have seen many mainstream and liberal commentators expressing concern about the Muslim Brotherhood gaining influence in a new Government. I've also seen that they have a slightly different take on how influential the Muslim Brotherhood actually is in these protests (and I'll guess that Giles has read the same story since while he insinuates they are running these rebellions, he doesn't come out and say it).

I've been on a kick reading townhall comments, and these are certainly murderous towards Muslims. But I am looking for murderous towards domestic political enemies. Helpfully there are a few.
C'mon, the Left ardently embraced Soviet Russia, Stalin and the spread of Marxism (vs. USA and capitalism) for decades--and still do. . . . Now they have radical Islam to embrace. Love the MB and Abudinijad but hate Sarah Palin.
Some of these require explanation, this doesn't.
You are a typical leftist who would happily see America destroyed

of course any terrorist group that hates America is something admired by idiots like you

. . . I continue to wonder why haters of Amerioca like you continue to live here

And what has this country ever done to you that causes people of your ilk to cause you to hate this country.

You are truly a pathetic pos who would ghappily help any group ion their efforts to attack America
This is in regards to someone who apparently questioned Giles wisdom. I guess I'm atypical leftist because I don't want to see America destroyed. And I have never done anything in a ghappily manner.
This is in the comments for this article, but appears to be a reaction to the Superbowl Halftime Show. Still, I do feel like I'm on safe ground commenting that some conservatoids are racist.

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