Thursday, February 03, 2011

Lizards or Monkeys?

Michael Barone's latest article is about Obamacare and how Liberals and Conservatives approach issues. First this great metaphor.
To me, the conservative always has appeared to be some form of mammal. The liberal is reptilian. I could be wrong.
I am shedding my skin as it turns out. But I'm not actually a reptile. And I am not sure dehumanizing language like that is all that beneficial, particularly with V back in the public eye. One of Barone's leaders has his own definition of the difference between liberals and conservatives.
Conservative: "Your right to swing your fists ends where my nose begins."
Liberal: "Do as I say, the way I say it, or I'll kill you."
I must say he's got me pegged. I'm always going around threatening to kill people for failing to do things the right way. It's so effective.

Turning back to Barone, his main point is to contrast Obama, who forced Healthcare reform down our collective throats and Reagen, who didn't force his views on abortion on the nation. Except that the only real difference is capability. Obama had the votes, and Reagan didn't. It's as simple as that. If Reagan had been able to outlaw Abortion, as he wished to, he would have.

Isn't that how democracy is supposed to work?

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