Thursday, January 17, 2008

Republicans and Democrats are idiots

According to Larry Elder's latest article, at any rate. He might be wrong. Come to think of it he does seem to be repeating a parody of what liberals believe rather than what they actually believe.
Republicans believe hard work wins, and government should allow you -- to the fullest extent possible -- to keep what you earn.

Democrats believe that success results from luck, chance and happenstance, and therefore a just government takes from those who have and gives to those who do not.
I believe that both luck and hard work can lead to success. Hard work can also lead to more hard work, and some people succeed through no merit of their own (see, for example, President Bush). You need a system that, as much as possible, rewards those who work hard and play by the rules; our current system does not do this as much as it should. A lot of hard working people don't even make enough to live on.
Republicans believe in peace through strength, and thus support strong national defense, and -- in this era of Islamofascism -- a proactive foreign policy.

Democrats believe in strength through peace, and believe they can better influence the behavior of enemies by demonstrating our good intentions.
I believe in a balanced approach; combining diplomacy and our military might. A "proactive" approach that emphasizes war to the exclusion of diplomacy is both wasteful and less effective than a balanced approach.
Republicans believe in a colorblind society determined by drive, work ethic and talent.

Democrats want a color-coordinated society. This explains the support for race and gender-based preferences to "correct" past sins and to create "diversity."
Elder's right here, Democrats do want blacks, hispanics and other minorities to have access to the same rights and opportunities that whats have. That said, I'm not sure about Republicans being committed to a color-blind society. One of the advantages to Obama winning the nomination (if it happens) would be seeing how Republicans treat him.

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