Monday, January 28, 2008


I am supporting John McCain for the Republican Nomination; doesn't get him anything of course. But I'd rather see him as their leader than Romney or Giuliani. I don't think McCain is quite as dangerous to freedom as Giuliani and Romney just annoys me.
I would rather have a true democratic socialist in the White House than a traitor to our conservative principles such as Juan McCain.

At least Hillary and Obama admit their liberal views, we know their the enemy, but Juan McCain and his amnesty agenda is too much for most core conservatives to handle.

McCain will lose because many of us will not vote for his anti American open border amnesty agenda. He's a RINO Joe!
Still the party faithful don't seem to cotton to McCain. His stance on issues like illegal immigration and the bush tax cuts have ensured that he is hated.
I'll NEVER vote for McCain. Anyone who claims he can beat Hillary OR Obama is dreaming.

Why would anyone who agrees with his Democrat positions vote for a RINO, when a real Democrat is on the ballot?

Why would anyone who dis-agrees with his Democrat positions vote for a RINO??

McCain is a RINO, and no one is going to vote for him in the general election.
Still the party, as a whole, has a pretty good chance of giving him the nomination. What does that say about the party? Well it says that the people who are most vocal in their support of conservatism aren't actually running the party.

Maybe this guy has the right idea
After the election, maybe it will be time to start a Conservative Party and let the Republican Party die with its remaining quasi nouveau libs. For the time being, we can put our money where our mouth is meaning don't give them any. I just want to know one thing. I want to see a list of McCain donors and endorsers. I want to know who sold us out for cheap labor so I don't vote for them or in the case of non-politicians, give them my business.
All quotes from the comments to an article by Donald Lambro that treats John McCain as a legitimate candidate, failing to excoriate him.

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