Monday, January 07, 2008

Conservatives aren't Conservative enough.


This according to the king of all Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh.
. . . just looking at things after Iowa, it looks to me like many in the Republican Party, despite all their yearning for conservatives in Washington, are rejecting conservatism. I say that with all seriousness. It may change once we get out of these more liberal states, but with Huckabee and McCain leading in New Hampshire -- look, they're fine guys. I don't want what I'm saying here to be interpreted as criticism. These are just observations. But with Huckabee and McCain leading in New Hampshire, they're not consistent principled conservatives.
So that's good news I guess.

I will note that since the party is fine with Romney or Giuliani, two guys who's conservative credentials are also somewhat suspect, they are a bit hoist on their own petard. They've been saying that Giuliani's past actions that weren't so conservative were no big deal; but the same doesn't apply to Huckabee. Apparently.

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