Friday, July 15, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Yes once again it is I, Fictional 1910's Plutocrat, here to ride herd over these wild and wooly Liberal Coalition Members.

I apologize; my grandchildren took me to a wild west show last night and it has produced unfortunate giddyness and wild westism.

Anyway the first of our cowpokes is It's Craptastic, who has
some words about the death penalty. The Republicans of your time are apparently in favor of something they call the Culture of Life. That's one of those phrases that seems to mean something until you think about it and it really does not.

Echidne of the Snakes has
some words on Karl Rove and President Bush. I don't fully understand this Karl Rove situation, but he sounds like a bit of a bounder. And apparently President Bush is too loyal to let the bounder go. It is hard to discipline the help, but a smart plutocrat always does so. Better to solve a problem right off the bat than let it grow into a monster problem.

Consider this. The first time this Rove character lied and defamed a political opponent of President Bush's, President Bush should have taken him to the woodshed so to speak and gave him a taste of the lash. Then Rove would have learned not to act in a way that is displeasing to President Bush. Instead, President Bush, through a sense of misplaced loyalty, tolerated Rove's antics and is now in serious trouble because of it.

Rubber Hose has corralled up a
bunch of links to articles on this situation on Karl Rove, although he does not seem to find it all that fascinating.

firedoglake finds the Rove situation more interesting apparently, and he has put together
a list of links for those who are new to the Rove situation. Very interesting stuff.

Pen-Elayne on the Web has a
section of reviews of Comical Books of the year 2000. Apparently they are still very popular, which is nice. I like Little Nemo in Slumberland myself.

Scrutiny Hooligans has
a story on an agitator named Michael Moore who visited Utah and created some kind of ruckus in the community there. Apparently there has been a film made of it, so one can see what happened.

Speedkill has
a piece on the 100 people who are screwing up America, and this Michael Moore person is first on the list. It is good to see that future America places an appropriate value on their plutocrats. In my day there were a lot of weak sister who would complain about how we treated our workers or safety or the like. In your future the people know better than to attack the plutocrats.

President Bush has done
one thing that makes sense, according to THE NEWS BLOG. He has priorities the needs of the worlds Opium Producers. Opium, according to the latest scientific evidence, is a wonder drug. It increases muscle relaxation while enabling the mind to make logical leaps unheard of. I am surprised that this future world isn't enjoying the beneficial effects of opium constantly.

The Invisible Library has
a story on night terrors that sit on your chest and keep you from moving. Apparently they aren't really monsters but some sort of disorder of the humors that keeps you from moving, and then your mind creates the monsters to explain why you can't move. This seems too complicated to me; I suppose you future people don't remember Occam's razor, but it says that the most simple explanation is most likely true. The simplest explanation is obviously that there really are a lot of monsters and hag sitting on people in the middle of the night. That's why I keep my night butler in my bedroom closet; to ally any potential night time problems.

At any rate that's another round of links. Go and read them. And then read this blog some more too. I'm going to mosey on off into the sunset now. Yippie!

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