Thursday, November 04, 2010

Your Weekly Rush - Explaining without an Explanation

Limbaugh is obviously overjoyed at the electoral tsunami that hit America on Tuesday. That said he seems at a loss as to explain how O'Donnel and Angle lost. His narrative is that Conservative Candidates win; moderate candidates lose. Americans want Conservatism. So how to explain the losses of O'Donnel and Angle? It's the moderate influences in the party.
Christine O'Donnell could have won were it not for all the backbiting after her primary victory. Had the party gotten behind her, had Steele had some on-the-ground money for Nevada, who knows how that mighta turned out. We didn't have any money on the ground in Nevada. There was no way we're gonna combat the unions getting behind and the gaming industry getting behind Dingy Harry and who knows what the hell happened to ballot boxes in places, but there was no ground game money in Nevada and very little in Delaware, what the hell was gonna happen?
He strongly insinuates that Reid fixed the run in Nevada, but in both cases the answer is the same; rather than admit that these were weak candidates, he blames the party and party centrists (like Karl Rove?!?) for failing to support these strong Conservative woman.

Of course he goes on to point out how many awful liberals there are that get elected year after year, taking a shot at the late Ted Kennedy in the process. Real class.

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