Monday, November 29, 2010


Conservative love to reveal their plans for America, and then, faced with blowback, pretend they were only joking or being satirical.
When the black alumna called she said she had read my recent column “If I Were President.” She wanted to know whether I was really going to abolish the African American Center. At that point, I already knew we were in for an educational conversation. These days, college graduates are not well-versed in satire. As an art form, it is swiftly becoming extinct.

Things went downhill in our conversation when this college graduate told me that she became upset with my remarks about getting rid of the African American Center after she “saw that I was white”. My seventh Great Grandfather fought in the American Revolution in order to preserve our basic God-given rights. But this college graduate seemed to suggest that the expression of basic human rights is contingent upon race. The African American Center she frequented as an undergraduate did not seem to give her the ability to reflect and remedy her own possible racism.

After hearing her tell me that she “got all amped up” in response to my satire I made a big mistake. I explained that I would get rid of all the centers if I really were running for chancellor.
Interesting. Apparently this foolish student was upset that Adams would get rid of African American centers if he was President. How silly. She doesn't understand satire. Of course Adams really would shut down the African American centers if he were Chancellor. You obviously see the satirical difference.

But then again maybe the studant was more concerned over shutting down the African American center than what title Adams felt he needed to accomplish this goal.

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