Monday, November 08, 2010

I'm Tired of People Pretending to be Idiots

From Doug Gile's latest article; about how liberals are afraid of Sarah Palin.
According to the Progressives, women cannot be “real women” if they don’t fit the Progressives’ script. Yep, if a woman doesn’t march to the Left’s horse dung definition regarding what “they” (whoever the heck “they” are) have determined constitutes a real woman, she is illegitimate.
First of all who has said that Sarah Palin isn't a real woman? You have a citation on that?

Secondly, what people have certainly said is that Sarah Palin doesn't represent the interests of women. I might well say that. I don't think Sarah Palin will represent the interests of most Americans. She's a conservative, so in my opinion the things she wants to do for this country are bad for this country and bad for the people who live in it. What is wrong with saying that? Nothing. Certainly our Conservative buddies have no problem slamming Obama for not really loving this country because he works for programs they disagree with.

Giles also slams liberals women for not looking like Portia de Rossi. Instead they all apparently look like a stereotypical butch lesbian. Giles is kind of despicable.

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