Tuesday, November 09, 2010

If Nothing Happens We Win!

Lot's of articles today on what will happen with the new Republican House and how Obama will deal with them. David Limbaugh's article is a pretty good example; essentially President Obama, being a super liberal egotist won't change his positions to be more moderate because he's not smart enough to to realize he should and not politically skilled enough to make the move.

Let me just comment again at how different the right looks at Obama; they see a guy who is stubbornly unwilling to abandon Far Left positions. And I see a guy who barely tried to uphold liberal positions before caving to industry and conservatives again and again. Did we get a public option in health care? No.

But let's consider what Limbaugh's article implies for Conservatives.
As long as Republicans stand strong for conservative principles -- and that's a very big if -- Obama's toast in 2012.
Well, this may be accurate. If they shut down the government, more or less, with gridlock, than the economy may still be in the toilet. In which case the voters might well take it out on President Obama. Unless of course Obama can make it clear that the gridlock over the last few years ('11 and '12) was the fault of Republicans in Congress, in which case who knows (particularly if they put up Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich).

Of course regardless of who wins in 2012, the cynical strategy of gridlock for the next two years kind of ensures that the losers are the American people.

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