Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You may already be living under Shariah Law

At least the Imam behind the Cordoba Project seems to think so. He said that the American political system is "Shariah compliant," according to Media Matters.
The reason why Muslims are fleeing many of their societies to countries like Australia, western Europe, United States and Canada is because the societal mandates of an Islamic society and Islamic State is in fact the kind of structure of society that we see in Western societies - the ability of people to participate in issues of governance, issues of the economic wellbeing and economic pie are fundamental to Islamic principles of governance.
Interesting thought. But of course, those who see Islam as something to be feared and opposed, will naturally be uncomfortable at the idea that our Society is compatable with Islam.

I do strongly suggest checking out that link; puts the lie to some of the fearmongering about this guy.

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