Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Second Great Depression

Ben Shapiro really is dumb. I mean really. I make fun of him a lot, but it takes a certain kind of idiocy to write todays article. Not because he's conservative; a lot of conservatives think that Obama is messing up this country. Nothing wrong with that per se. But . .. well just read this.
And just as during the First Great Depression, economic liberals are declaring that it doesn't exist. "The depression is over," President Herbert Hoover told a group of clergymen in 1930. "I am convinced," he said in 1931, "we have passed the worst and with continued effort we shall rapidly recover." . . .

Hoover was wrong and so are Obama and his lackeys. And just like Hoover, Obama will take measures that are economically feasible in a strong economy but absolutely disastrous in a weak one.
He does, I have to admit, point out that the tariffs passed were a pretty bad idea. But he also suggests that Obama is just like Hoover in that he is proposing Government spending and higher taxes. Except that sounds a bit like good old Roosevelt too, who doesn't appear (directly) in Shapiro's article.

If you are going to rip into Hoover for Government projects, isn't it almost necessary to point out that Roosevelt did much the same thing on a far larger scale? Hoover frankly didn't spend a fraction of what Roosevelt spent, and in fact wasn't really an economic liberal. Certainly not by today's standards.

More to the point, Shapiro even references Roosevelt at the end of his article, albeit obliquely, with "Happy Days are Here Again." Does Shapiro really believe that his readers aren't going to remember the existence of Roosevelt, the great liberal president?

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