Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seeing Both Sides of the Issue

Dennis Prager's latest article takes on Liberals for being narrow minded and not seeing both sides of the issue.
A related defining characteristic of the left is the ascribing of nefarious motives to conservatives. For the left, a dismissal of conservatives' motives is as important as is dismissal of the conservatives as people. It is close to impossible for almost anyone on the left -- and I mean the elite left, not merely left-wing blogs -- to say "There are good people on both of sides of this issue." From Karl Marx to Frank Rich of The New York Times, this has always been the case.

. . . This is not true of elite conservatives. Leading conservative columnists, leading Republicans, etc., rarely depict liberals as motivated by evil. Conservatives can say "There are good people on both sides of the issue" because we actually believe it.
This is somewhat laughable, not in the least because of Pragers previous statements.
The American value system and the leftist value system are irreconcilable. If the left wins, America's values lose. If American values prevail, the left loses.

. . . The issue is that if Democrats want to win, they can do so only if bad things happen to America.
And these are just Pragers words. I haven't even brought up beloved Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, who certainly are important in the conservative movement and certainly hate and express hatred of Liberals.

This is related back to the Cordoba Center Controversy; Prager spends the bulk of his article printing intemperate remarks on the issue which suggest that bigotry might explain some of the opposition to the Mosque. Which, of course it does (one need only watch the video of a black man happening through an anti Mosque rally and getting immediately harrassed by the crowd to realize the ugliness of some of those who oppose this Mosque).

However, in the spirit of Pragers criticism, I will concede that while much of the Mosque Opposition is inspired by Anti-Muslim Bigotry, not all of it is. There are good people on both sides of this debate. And a whole lot of bigots on one side of it.

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