Monday, August 16, 2010

Fear and Loathing at Ground Zero

In this case Fear and Loathing of Muslims, at least according to Kevin McCullough's latest article. Apparently Obama made some remarks in favor of the right of Muslims to build a Mosque on land that they own that happens to be near Ground Zero.
Question, Mr. President, "Do you feel that all Muslims have a right to exercise their religion?"

How about the nearly 2 million of them world-wide that buy into the exact same brand of Islam that the killers of 9/11 practiced? Do you feel that they have the right to practice that brand of Islam in the United States? How about on the sacred ground of Ground Zero?

Even the "moderate" practitioners of that faith seem to be having some real trouble coming to clarity on not encouraging their fellow Islamists to be so very insensitive.
"Moderate" Muslims, like "Moderate" Blacks or "Moderate" Hispanics need to spend a certain amount of time berating their fellow Muslims for not being more accommodating the white males who basically run everything.

Let's also point out that McCullough doesn't understand what the free exercise of religion entails. Allowing Muslims to exercise their freedom means letting them worship; it does not give them permission to commit terrorist acts. It's also clear that the Mosque at ground zero is not going to be sympathetic to Islamic Terrorists, except in so far as just advocating Islam is sympathetic to Islamic Terrorism.

One wonders if a Baptist organization that seemed sympathetic to Anti-Abortion terrorists was to want to set up a church across from an Abortion clinic, if McCullough would have trouble separating the terrorist act from the religion itself.

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