Friday, May 15, 2009

Should we be Civil to One Another?

Yes! No! Maybe!

Just read Michael Gerson's latest article at Townhall in which he says that liberals in particular should be nicer to conservatives.
America doesn't need another scolding lecture on the importance of civility. Well, apparently it does. So here goes.
Well, only if you are really sure.

This is in relation to Wanda Sykes appearance at the White House Correspondents dinner. Frankly she had some funny bits, but the bit about Rush Limbaugh isn't funny. Or it's funny in the same way that Ann Coulter is funny; if you already hate the person she's talking about, it seems pretty plausible.

Once again it seems necessary to point out that Wanda Sykes isn't setting policy and has little power within the Democratic party - contrast to Rush Limbaugh who apparently does have considerable influence on his fellow conservatoids.

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