Tuesday, May 05, 2009

All over the Map

David Limbaugh's latest article reads almost like a stream of consciousness. He starts out explaining that America is still, all signs to the contrary, a conservative nation. In order to win the Republicans need to be more Conservative. Fair enough, if a bit dependent on what I like to call "wishful thinking."

Limbaugh then moves to attack Obama in the standard way; familiar if you were around in the Clinton Era. Obama is a super liberal but pretends to be a moderate.
Obama tells us he's a disciple of capitalism while he gobbles up big chunks of the private sector and refuses to allow them out from under his government thumb when they try to refund their TARP money. He declares an end to earmarks as he signs a bill bloated with almost 9,000 of them. He boasts of his fiscal responsibility as he schemes to quadruple the deficit.
Yeah that's pretty familiar. But don't worry, Limbaugh sees hope on the horizon in the battle over the Supreme Court. After they trash the character of any candidate for the Supreme Court Obama puts up, well, they can paint Obama as a crazy liberal for having put him up in the first place.

We'll have to see how that works.

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