Friday, May 08, 2009

Sex Doesn't Sell

At least when it comes to computer games, according to an article at the Guardian. The article reviews the history of sexy video games, and notes that oddly, a number of games that feature prominent breasts (or boobies if you will), don't sell quite as well as you would expect them too.
Far from the porn-crazed sex ghouls they're frequently portrayed as, male videogame players appear to be developing quite a potent resistance to exploitative, sex-based marketing practices.
I think the key question is not whether or not a game is sexy or not but whether or not a game is fun or not. If a game is fun, well, the design sense, whether fun and light, heavy and dark, or, well, overly sexualized is icing on the cake. If the game is not fun, well, all the breasts in the world (which I calculate to be 6,722 million) won't make it fun.

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