Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walter Williams Makes Sense

Not my normal position on Walter Williams, but today he's making a bit more sense than normal.
Here's Williams' suggestion in a nutshell. Start strict enforcement of immigration law, as Arizona has begun. Strictly enforce border security. Most importantly, modernize and streamline our cumbersome immigration laws so that people can more easily migrate to our country.
I'd largely agree with that while noting a few standard points. Williams doesn't seem to recognize that Hispanic Americans will be pestered and inconvienced by this new law. He also doesn't spend any time thinking of those businesses that are exploiting this cheap labor. And finally, while I take Williams as sincere when he says he wants to streamline legal immigration, I believe that many if not most of his compatriots on the right do not share that theory, and in fact want to keep immigrants, both legal and illegal, out of America. I could be wrong on that last point; but looking at some of the signs and nastiness, I don't think so.

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