Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Freedom and Secularism

Marybeth Hicks has written an article, mostly about public prayer, but she wants to use that discussion to springboard onto a larger issue.
Simply put, a faithful people will resist the intrusion of the government into their lives, while a secular society will embrace government as its supreme authority. That shift is essential to the "remaking" of America now under way.
Interesting premise. I am sure there are some agnostic/atheist libertarians who would take issue with it. Liberal Christians might also take issue with it (although one presumes Hicks would simply deny that liberal Christians are faithful).

There certainly examples of Government Intrusions ito our lives that Conservative Christians seem willing to accept. For example, they don't generally believe in a right of privacy (largely because such a right would prevent them from interfering in peoples sexuality). They also seem willing to accept censorship, so long as the right sorts of people get to be censors.

They are also willing and even eager to embrace economic inequality, even when such inequality condemns individuals to lives of serfdom.

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