Monday, May 17, 2010

Townhall Reader Compromise

This is nice. A townhall member giving Jessica Colotl a way out of her situation.
I can see that Jessica -being only 10 yrs old at the time- bares no responsibility for the lawlessness of her parents that brought her here illegally. Can we agree that her parents are to blame for Jessica's fix and not the USA? If so, then Jessica can stay IF she turns in her parents to ICE and any siblings who were more than 16 when they broke the law by coming to the USA. Jessica could choose to go back to her parent's home country or remain here with a provisional work visa and start the citizenship process. This way, the parents are NOT rewarded for breaking the law but their blameless daughter, who also happens to be an exemplary person, can remain. Problem: Didn't Jessica become guilty when she became an adult and CHOSE to continue breaking the law?
All she has to do is betray her parents to the authorities and she's welcome here. Great.

There are of course plenty of bloggers arguing that we have all the immigrants we need; legal or illegal. Very depressing.

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