Monday, April 19, 2010

In which David Stokes Blames Obama for Stuff He's not Reponsible For

David Stokes latest article is about an anti-theist group (Freedom From Religion Foundation) that has filed a suit trying to make National Days of Prayer illegal. Apparntly it's past one legal hurdle. And who is reponsible? That's right. President Obama.
I would appeal to President Barack Hussein Obama today, to reach back beyond his Muslim, Marxist, and Liberation Theology (which is to real Christianity as anthrax is to sugar) roots and try to connect with his “inner-Lincoln.”
You see Lincoln declare National Days of Prayer, so Obama, loving Lincoln, should love them too.

A few points. First of all Obama isn't responsible for any of this. Granted he did fail to hold a ceremony on the National Day of Prayer, but Clinton never held one, and Reagan and George H. W. Bush held only one apiece in their terms of office. But this is a judge appointed by Carter, and a

He compounds his idiocy with the Muslim bit, incidentally. Just insulting and stupid, as he is throughout his article. Stokes would make a very predictable detective. "Who done it? Obama!"

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