Monday, April 05, 2010

Hateful Words

Mike Adams latest article is about how hard it is to be a conservative on campus - as all of his articles are. In this particular case, he takes on a wall of hate tradition at his campus. Apparently there is a wall where people right hateful words and then spraypaint over them, symbolizing the desire to end those phrases. Well Adams thinks this is stupid - as he thinks any concerns by minority students are stupid.

You might think that Adams thinks that minority students are stupid, but I think that's not quite accurate. If a black, gay, or female student was careful to agree with Adams he'd be fine with him or her.

Anyway - even though he clearly thinks it's stupid, he intends to participate to illustrate how stupid it is, and how racist and bigoted everybody but him is.
I think the Black Student Union should change its name to something not only more sensitive but more accurate. Personally, I prefer the Union of African Students for Segregation (U-ASS). In my view, if you need to segregate yourself on the basic of race U are an ASS. And you are probably a racist.

. . . Gay. Let’s just use the term “sodomite.” They are way too angry to be called “gay.” Plus, I’d like to be able to once again use the term “gay” without having people think about sodomy.
Yeah - Adams is a class act.

Earlier he comments on homophobia - a phrase he and most of the right wing hates. You see Adams and many on the right wing want liberals and homosexuals to seriously consider their position that homosexuality is a sin and should be formarly persecuted by society. And if they just thought about it seriously, well gays would probably agree that they should be persecuted. But even if they disagree with that proposition, they should still be happy to share the public forum with who are arguing in favor of their persecution.

At least that's how Adams seems to look at it.

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Dan Coyle said...

I would love to follow this guy around with a hidden camera to see if he actually talks the talk, instead of... talking the talk.