Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going on the Offensive

Emmet Tyrell's latest article strikes a pretty aggressive tone.
The liberals hate the middle class. There, I said it, and I am glad. Once again I am a truth teller, in this case speaking truth to stone heads. So certain am I of the truth of my asseveration that I honestly doubt any liberal will take issue with me. Can you imagine a liberal coming forward and saying: "Wrong, Tyrrell! I love the middle class." Well, I guess I can imagine it, because liberals are effortless liars. Yet what specifically about the middle class might the liberals adduce to demonstrate their affection? The middle class' sobriety? Hard work? Love of country? Love of liberty?
This is pretty transperent. Actually I do admire any American who works hard, loves his country, and loves liberty. Unless of course what Tyrell means by loving liberty is that they are conservative. Which, of course is what he does mean.

"Look middle class, liberals hate you because you are so conservative," works great if the reader is conservative. I'm not sure it works if the middle class reader considers himself or herself moderate or liberal.

Proof of our hatred of the middle class is found in our disdain for Sarah Palin. I don't know many members of the actual middle class who can essentially quit their jobs because it's too difficult and then get paid hundreds of thousands to do a sporting show and to contribute to Fox News.

Personally I want to see the middle class grow and be more prosperous, and therefore I favor programs that will accomplish those goals. I also favor snake-oil salesmen like Tyrell being ignored.

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