Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why are there liberals?

This is the question Frank Turek dares to ask in his latest article. Given that liberals know they are wrong on all the issues why do they continue being liberals?

And yes, that really is the premise - we liberals know we are wrong but we keep on being liberals. We know that socialized medicine doesn't work, yet we push for healthcare reform. We know that tax cuts produce more revenue, yet we push for tax increases on the wealthy. We know that government relief hurts the poor, but we push for it anyway. We know that terrorists can't be negotiated with but we want to negotiate anyway.

Put that way, we liberals are pretty nasty aren't we? Of course, Turek does resort to distoring liberalism to prove his point. Liberals don't favor negotiating with terrorists, we favor negotiating with nation states to help eliminate terrorists. In other cases, he claims that we know things we don't actually know. For example, I don't know that tax cuts always generate more revenue - logically it seems like that can't be true (or at a 0% tax rate we'd have infinite revenue?

Still, if you grant the premise that we liberals are willfully wrong for just a moment, his explanation is pretty nasty. We liberals are in rebellion - a childish rebellion against our fellow citizens and against the founding principles of this nation.
If liberals really cared, they would abandon their false and failed ideas, and acknowledge what history and common sense tell us—liberalism hurts everyone but those in government.
It's not that uncommon an explanation - at the core we liberals are bastards. Most conservatives believe that of liberals and liberals increasingly believe that of conservatives. Pretty harmful to our national discourse I should think - why bother talking to bastards who want to ruin the country?

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