Monday, March 15, 2010

Comments Closed

On Friday Night, Sen. Harry Rieds daughter and wife were involved in a serious accident. The daughter sustained minor injuries; the wife a broken back and neck. Dan Riehl, Conservative Blogger, has called on Reid to euthanize his wife.
Come on, Harry - do your civic duty. The nation's broke and counting on you guy. Pull the plug and get back to work. And don't bill us for a full day today, either. This is no time to be sloughing off. Air freight her home, you can bury her during recess on your own time and dime. Or are you going to bill us for that, too?
He also has this comment at the top of his inhumanely cruel political post.
Comments closed. I don't have time to mind the idiots and Lefty trolls who need to spew filth of no consequnce. yawn.
Filth of no consequence, eh. I'm guessing that Riehl is an expert on that.

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