Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deception by Omission

Jacki Gingrich Cushman's latest article takes on the current attempt to get healthcare passed by the House. She takes Pelosi to task for suggesting this "deemed to pass" method which owuld allow the bill to pass without an actual vote.
This process of voting on the amendments and deeming the bill passed would allow House members to return home and say, "I didn't vote for the Senate bill." They could pass a lie-detector test with flying colors. The statement would be truth, but not necessarily truthful.
It's interesting that Cushman takes this tack, as her own article isn't necessarily an accurate representation. While she doesn't specifically say what problems the House has with the Senate bill, she certainly implies that they are opposing the Health Care Reform bill for being too liberal or too socialist. In fact the House doesn't want to pass the Senate bill because they feel it is considerably weaker and less conservative than their own bill.

But I suppose that would change Cushman's narrative considerably.

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