Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama Must Know

David Limbaugh's latest article starts with a classic opening paragraph.
Could we all agree that we are doomed as a nation if President Barack Obama continues his deficit spending at unprecedented levels? Can you think of any reason, then, to justify this spending? Oh, our president says it's to jump-start the economy? Sorry, that dog won't hunt. So what's his real motive?
I need hardly point out that the hated President Clinton created a budget surplus that the beloved President Bush pissed away.

But the best part is "What's his real motive?" I mean that just says it all. Limbaugh, unsurprisingly I suppose, believes that his right wing beliefs are so obviously correct that for the President not to accept them, he must have a sinister motive.

Of course this is a deceit after a fashion - he writes his article as if the President alone was controlling the spending of the country, when in fact it is Congress that has a lot to do with our fiscal priorities. But I suppose the rationale is that his readers need a focal person to hate, and Obama provides that focus.

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