Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm so Tired of the War on Terror

I mean we are stuck with it for now and the foreseeable future, but seriously. Still the one thing I'm even more tired of is children pretending to be warriors. Like Doug Giles.

It's one thing to argue that we need to be involved in the middle east militarily because it's in our best interests, no matter the cost. It's another to want to wage war vicariously because you feel it's the manly thing to do and because your philosophy does not admit to the humanity of Muslims.

Which brings us to Doug Giles latest article.
In case you didn’t hear about the Polite War we’re trying to wage with you, the gist of what we’ll do for you and your people who are trying to slaughter us is this: We will not attack you during your sacrosanct celebrations.

Matter of fact, we’ll go a step further and court martial our troops when they play a game of pin the tail on Mohammed at Gitmo, or flush a Koran, or accidentally serve Achmed Jell-O. Not only that, but we’ll prosecute our intel ops who ferret out your Islamic mass-murderous plots, and we’ll promote Muslim maniacs to major within our own ranks.

. . . However, if you don’t capitulate to our level of niceness, we will continue to maintain that level because we want to prove to the world that we’re pleasant even if thousands more Americans have to be killed.
Doug Giles can't be bothered to consider that this is a multi front war, in which we are trying to eliminate those dedicated to hurting us while preventing other Muslims from joining in their insanity. He can't be bothered because in his weak mind there is no difference between terrorists who want to kill us and Muslims who are minding their own business. He also can't be bothered to enforce military discipline - as I understand it, it doesn't matter what the regulations are or if Doug Giles agrees with them. Troops who break regulations need to be dealt with for the morale and cohesiveness of the units. But again Giles can't be bothered with that (in fairness, he'd probably prefer to see regulations allow for the abuse and torment of Muslims.

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